you start searching for a company to do SEO for your site

So, you’ve heard a lot about SEO.
Everyone tells you to get it done to improve your website rankings.
With all the buzz you’ve heard about it, you think it’s the key to your website’s success.
So, you start searching for a company to do SEO for your site, not knowing what it really is.
You’re surprised to see the plethora of companies providing SEO services and get confused with the complex plans they offer and the price variation between the companies.
You go to your friendly computer guy for advice, but he confuses you even further.
After multiple sales pitches and advice, you zero in on a company who gives you a list of keywords for which they’ll rank your website.
They give you a timeline and start their work.
Elated at finalizing the company, you feel like this will change the world for you.
You start thinking about how you’ll handle the extra business you’ll generate from your website.
A couple of months later, you’re happy to see the reports the ranking company sends you – it looks like your rankings are really increasing.
You start thinking that new leads will start coming in soon.
Another few months pass by, and the reports seem to improve each passing month, .

But you soon observe something – it is NOT generating new business for you

You talk to the SEO company, and they add another sales pitch and somehow make you buy their next level package.
New reports start coming in and look even better, but any real results are yet to be seen on the business side.
It’s almost a year, and you’ve spent 1000s of dollars on SEO without seeing any significant return on your investments.

You are furious and cancel the SEO services

Sounds familiar.
We’ve had a few clients come to us with similar stories.
There are many businesses today, struggling to get their foothold on the web, .

That become victims of these companies offering “SEO Services”

So, why doesn’t this work.
It doesn’t work because these companies concentrate on making the SEO results look good without understanding your products or services.

SEO is part of marketing what you are selling

and it cannot be done without first understanding your products or services.
Some of the tactics they use to improve reported results include: Choosing the easiest keywords to rank – they choose the keywords which would be easiest to rank and not the ones best for your business.
Using black-hat techniques which will work for now but will be detrimental in the long run – they try to fool Google to get easy results, but your rankings will be lost in a very short time.
Showing confusing terms and metrics on the report – they’ll make it hard for you to understand.
Getting paid traffic on your website to show an increase in the number of visitors – needless to say, these visitors will never be your customers.
The biggest lie to watch out for: “Guaranteed results” Whether it’s a guarantee of top rankings or rankings in a short time frame – if they are saying this, it would be in your best interest not to go ahead with the provider.
Always remember, SEO is a slow, ongoing and incremental process.
We believe in marketing which can show you results in your revenue reports and not just the search engine ranking reports.
If you are looking for a complete online marketing evaluation for your business, get in touch and we will be happy to help you through.

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