Connected to thousands of insurance policies nationwide

Eligible to Act as Oscar’s Hosted Real-Time Eligibility Vendor

Supporting the Patient Protection Promise.
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Products  Save patients from surprise medical bills, and medical pro viders from delayed payments Patient Insurance Billing  Verify, estimate, and bill patients.

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submit, and bill insurers.
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Patient Medical Billing Patient Checkout

Easier Patient Billing.

Eligible’s Patient Checkout supports your entire insurance billing experience

Easily verify, estimate, file claims, process payments, issue refunds and/or capture balances.
Interact with thousands of insurance policies nationwide and integrate directly into your existing systems with ease.
Start Now Contact Sales Trusted by top developer s in healthcare Patient Checkout.
Be there for your patients.
Simple developer integrations .
Connected to thousands of insurance policies nationwide, Eligible’s network encompasses both local community plans and national insurers ensuring that your patient’s insurance information is readily available.
Get started  Studies show patients don’t mind paying their copays and deductibles so long as they are informed prior to the service taking place of their likely cost.

A small hospital in Illinois increase point-of-service payments by 300 percent

Create and manage patient checkouts from eligible’s website.
Increase your revenue with payment options built to free up your staff to do what they do best, care for healthcare patients.
With Eligible Integration , RadNet Sees Dramatic Revenue Increase resulting in three years of cost savings and benefits totalling a ROI of 239%.
End to end control via eligible’s rest apis.
Rapidly build healthcare-ready integrations with modern tools, .

From React components to real-time webhooks

Use the same technologies that you know and love to break barriers in our archaic industry.
Explore the docs  Eligible Predict.

Fight paper overload with Eligible Predict

Replace manual rules with machine learning .
Patient estimate calculations involve many complex selections when understanding the correct values for deductible, coinsurance, copayment, and stop loss.
Get started  Improve the precision of your patient estimations.

Stick to the list of health insurance company IDs your systems use

Apply your most precise contract rates in real time.
Reduces the need for manual review Frees up teams’ time to focus on more strategic tasks Proactively tells you what is happening Learns across many data elements with more accuracy at scale Replaces even the most complex rule sets and human powered workflows Generate and manage your contracts with historic data.
Machine learning plays a vital role in the process of calculating patient estimations.
To get started simply complete your data transfer and wait until your ML platform is enabled for use while calculating a patient’s estimate.
Eligible Connect.
The insurance billing platform for platforms.
Process patient statements and insurance claims on behalf of healthcare providers.

Eligible Connect allows Accounts to turn their business into a Platform

Vendors can register their platform and control insurance and patient billing interactions between themselves and their customers.
Transact with thousands of insurance policies.

Leverage standard REST practices

Create a world class experience in hours not years.

Eligible Connect enables you to use the full Eligible API on behalf of connected accounts

In just four steps you can perform the common task of processing eligibility, running estimations and filing insurance claims on a seller’s or service provider’s behalf.
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Provider Insurance Billing.
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Patient Medical Billing.
Insurance Medical Billing.
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