He included it in the family Strombidae

< Template:POTD Picture of the day archives : 2020 September < 2020 September 3 2020 September 5 > Picture of the day Tibia insulaechorab, the Arabian tibia, is a species of gastropod mollusc in the family Rostellariidae, native to the western Indian Ocean .

It was first described by the German malacologist Peter Friedrich Röding in 1798

the type locality being the Red Sea.
He included it in the family Strombidae, but this large family was later split and the genus Tibia was transferred to the family Rostellariidae.
This photograph shows a dorsal view of a T. insulaechorab shell.
Growing up to 20 cm (8 in) long, including the elongated siphonal canal, it is highly sought after by collectors because of its attractive appearance.

Photograph credit: Hans Hillewaert Archive – More featured pictures

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